What we do

Positive interactions

At Wahroonga Long Day Care Centre our aim is to create an environment where each child feels safe, secure and supported.

Our staff, children and families continuously interact with a focus on care, empathy and respect.

Health and Wellbeing

We understand the importance of educating children about the benefits of regular physical activity, healthy eating and positive thinking.

Our educators incorporate daily experiences which allow children to practice a variety of fundamental movement skills, learn about healthy eating and understand how our breathing techniques can affect how we respond to situations.

Our program promotes children’s confidence, energy and encourages a holistic lifestyle with connectedness of mind, body and spirit.

A dedicated team of Educators

Our team of educators make Wahroonga Long Day Care Centre such a special place.

Their commitment, dedication and love towards their role as Early Childhood Professionals is something that stands out and is valued by our children and their families.


Our curriculum is actively designed to engage children to become environmentally responsible in contributing to a sustainable future.

Using senses to explore natural environments and accessing natural features of our service such as the compost bin, worm farm, rainwater tank and gardens, set the platform for children and educators to learn and explore sustainable practices.

Collaborative partnerships with families and communities

Our families and community members play an integral role in assisting our team of educators to develop rich and meaningful learning/play opportunities for the children in our care.

We continuously encourage families to be involved in the service and educational program as we know that they play an integral role in their child’s development. Our approach is aimed at working in partnership with families to create a program that reflects the interests, needs and abilities of each child. Leaning outcomes are most likely to be achieved when early childhood educators work in partnership with families.

We also involve the wider community which allows us to introduce the children to a wide variety of meaningful experiences and broadens their learning about the world in which they live in. Some examples include: council run sustainability projects for Hornsby Shire Child Care Centres, local nursing home visits, community workers such as fire fighters, police that visit our centre etc).

Embracing Diversity

Our educational program and the foundation of our service is aimed at teaching cultural competence and the importance of mutual respect and acceptance.

At Wahroonga Long Day Care Centre we teach all our children about valuing the words “different” and “unique”. Our diversity is what makes us so special!

Our educators implement a multi-dimensional approach which includes not just strategies to enrich through difference but also strategies to actively manage bias when it occurs.

School Readiness

Our school readiness program is aimed at building children’s confidence and skills in preparation for primary school.

Our preschool educators deliver tailored concepts through teachable lessons in line with The Early Years Learning Framework and the NSW Early Stage One Australian Syllabus.

In response to children’s evolving ideas and interests our educators assess, anticipate and extend children’s learning via open-ended questioning, providing feedback, challenging their thinking and guiding their learning. They make use of spontaneous ‘teachable moments’ to scaffold children’s learning.

Children are encouraged to share weekly news which encourages them to gain confidence when speaking to an audience about topics they’re interested in. These experiences aid children in developing talking and listening skills.