Meal Menu

Healthy Food

Our meal times at Wahroonga Long Day Care Centre reflect a ‘home like atmosphere’ where educators and children engage in meaningful conversations together. This time in the day also allows educators to reinforce further learning about food and good nutrition.

All our meals are provided by Kids Gourmet Food (KGF), a premier child care catering service exclusively devoted to providing healthy and nutritionally balanced gourmet style meals. Meals included are: morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

All children’s food requirements for the entire day are provided by KGF. If your child has a food allergy or dietary requirement, please ensure to let us know via the enrolment form and through verbal communication with our staff and we will ensure to adjust our menus so that your child’s dietary needs are met.
Please visit the KGF website on the following two links to get more information about the catering company and to view sample menus.

If you wish to view our current daily centre menus, please log on to the ‘Parents Login’ page.

Kids Gourmet Food
Sample menus from Kids Gourmet Food