Health and Medication

Medical Conditions

To ensure the safety of the children attending the service, our staff have received training in First Aid, Asthma and Anaphylaxis management. If a child is diagnosed with a medical condition such as asthma, anaphylaxis or diabetes, a medical management plan and valid medications must be provided prior to the child’s first day at the centre. These medication and action plans must be completed by a medical practitioner and updated each year. Our service has developed a system to track action plan and medication expiry dates. When updating is required, we will inform you via letters and emails. All children must have valid plans and medication at all times of attendance.

If your child is sick

What to do if your child is unwell:

Please ensure to keep your child at home if they are unwell. This will reduce the risk of infections being spread at the centre and will allow for your child to recover quickly. Keep your child at home while any symptoms of an illness remain and for 24 hours from commencing antibiotics to ensure they have no side effects to the medication.

Children who are experiencing fevers, vomiting or diarrhoea need to remain home until symptoms have stopped for at least 24 hours.

Parents/caregivers will be contacted and asked to collect their child if they develop a temperature, vomiting or diarrhoea. If parents cannot be reached an emergency contact person will be contacted and asked to collect the child.

For more details about infectious illnesses and exclusion periods please refer to: Exclusion Period Poster



Please note that we are unable to administer prescription/non-prescription medication unless a medication form has been completed and your child’s medication container is labelled clearly with: your child’s name, name of medication, dosage, and the frequency it is to be administered.

If your child needs medication whilst in our care, please ask one of our educators for a medication form for you to fill out. Please hand this form to a staff member prior to leaving the centre in the morning. You can also access the medication form at the bottom of this page if you wish to complete it at home.

Medication must not be left in your child’s bag or locker.

Please ensure that medications are given directly to an educator for appropriate storage upon arrival.

Ensure that your child stays at home for the first 24 hours of starting any medication.