In Short

Qualification: Bachelor of Science (Child Development) - 1978
Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood) - 1985
Experience: 37 Years in Early Childhood Education
Culture: Indian/Australian

More About Me


I am the Director at Wahroonga Long Day Care Centre, a service that I am very proud to be a part of.  From the early days of signing petitions for council approval, in order to establish our service, to now almost 25 years later – it has been both a challenge and a joy.
The Centre was opened in 1992 by Manoj Chandra Handa and me, as a 9 place Centre.  Our proud inauguration was carried out by Dr Jayant Dave (my father), who’s support was immense during our journey towards opening the service.
Over the years, I have had the privilege to connect and contribute to the lives of so many children, parents and staff!    It is wonderful to run into so many families from time to time and find out about how their children have been progressing over the years.
My associations with the children, families and staff have allowed me to grow as a teacher, mentor and human being.

My professional experience:

After completing my Bachelor of Science (Child Development) in 1978, I commenced in my first teaching role where I taught Kindergarten and year 1 in India (1980 – 1983).
In 1985 – 1987 I worked as a teaching Director at a child care centre on the Central Coast. Following this role, I gained employment as a Director at another two centres located at Newcastle and Brookvale. I concluded my role at Brookvale in 1990, when my first child was born.
Soon we were faced with the dilemma of finding a Long Day Care Centre for her!  This instigated my partner (also in the field of Education) and me to open a Home Based service (Family Day Care) in 1991, at 37 Hewitt Avenue, Wahroonga, with 5 children at the service.
We noticed that there was a great need for a child care service in the area and began investigating further.   In 1992, we expanded to a 9 place Centre.  Finally, In 1993 Wahroonga Long Day Care Centre expanded further as a 27-place long day care centre!
My journey throughout this time has not only  taught me so much about children, but has also shown me about how passionate I am about connecting with every individual that becomes a member of my service. These connections are very valuable to me and allow me to grow as a professional, individual and a mentor.
I feel blessed that I am surrounded by colleagues that are passionate and sincere about their role and its importance in the life of every child in our care and education service.

I believe it is important to teach children ‘life skills’ – compassion, empathy, respect, safety and wellbeing and Health and hygiene.  I spent my early years (from 6 – 16 years) at a boarding school, overseas – an  experience, I believe, has made me more compassionate towards the needs of children and families and why building resilience and a strong sense of self are so very important.  I am also very passionate about validating children’s emotions and encouraging an open communication about them. 

–    Indian classical vocal music
–    Special times with family
–    Walks with friends
–    Meditation and Yoga