At Wahroonga Long Day Care Centre we value the importance of celebrating children’s birthdays as it helps to establish a strong sense of identity within a child. It also helps establish a sense of belonging to their school environment.

We aim to promote and validate birthday celebrations by incorporating the ‘Munch and Move’ and ‘Get up and Grow’ Guidelines for Early Childhood Services which will allow us to consistently promote children developing their wellbeing through good nutrition and making healthy food choices.

In celebrating children’s birthdays with them, we are mindful of the Healthy Eating Guidelines. We aim to reduce cakes/cupcakes supplied by families and replace these with a healthier option.

Some alternatives are:

  • Fruit platter or fruit kebabs
  • Watermelon balls
  • Party games
  • Balloons, bubbles, party poppers, streamers
  • Mini pizzas
  • Setting a special role/task for the birthday child. Children’s voices can be a tool to aid in the task setting process.
  • Birthday badges, party hat or a special birthday garment that they can wear throughout the day.

Parents/caregivers will:

  • Inform staff if they do not want their child to have a food product offered by another family.
  • Aim to choose a healthy option if providing food as part of their child’s birthday celebration.
  • Explore alternative options for sharing their child’s birthday with the group (eg. balloons, party game etc)
  • Negotiate an option with staff.
  • Ensure that any food brought into the centre comes with an ingredient list. We will not accept any food that does not have an attached list.
  • Ensure that food products are nut free. Please be aware of our nut awareness policy.

Please note: Celebrating a child’s birthday with them at Wahroonga Long Day Care Centre is not an expectation. Families may choose to do this or not.


We are a Nut Aware Centre

We would like to inform all those connected with Wahroonga Long Day Care Centre that we’re a ‘NUT AWARE CENTRE’. Food that contains nuts will not be accepted at the centre due to the increasing number of children having a nut allergy. For the health and safety of all children and staff, we ask that you do not send any foods to the centre that contain nuts. All foods that are sent to the centre must be brought in with an attached ingredient list so that we can ensure food products are safe for children to consume.

Please view our policy on the link below which details the procedure for bringing in food to WLDCC.

Nut Aware Policy.PDF