Arrival and Departure


Upon arrival at the centre please:


  • Please wash your hands – both parent and child;
  • Sign in on the Hub hello website via iPad provided;
  • Place your child’s bag in your child’s allocated locker;
  • Ensure your child has washed their hands before commencing play;
  • Ensure to rinse and refill your child’s water bottle daily and place it in your child’s group basket;
  • Ensure that your child has sunscreen on before you leave the centre in the morning (our centre sunscreen is located in the entry foyer for your convenience);
  • Ensure your child is wearing sun safe clothing such as shirts and dresses with sleeves and collars or covered neckline, longer style skirts, shorts and trousers. We discourage the use of crop or singlet tops as they do not provide enough sun protection;
  • Ensure your child has a clean nappy on (if applicable);
  • Inform staff of any changes (e.g. routines, pick up times, who is collecting your child);
  • Preferably, try to spend approximately 5-10 minutes with your child as they settle and ensure to say goodbye when you leave.


When you pick up your child at the end of the day ensure to:

  • Please wash your hands;
  • Sign out on the iPad;
  • Check feedback for meals, fluid and sleep;
  • Ensure that you notify a staff member before you leave the centre with your child;
  • Take your child’s water bottle home for washing at the end of their week;
  • Take your child’s bag/belongings home at the end of their week (all lockers will be cleaned at the end of each week);
  • Check with staff about your child’s day.